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10 Steps Guide to Create a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is a global platform that has made the unattainable task of providing information to almost every region of the world possible. The yearning for knowledge and information of the creators have initiated this site and today according to Alexa, it is one of the fifteen most visited sites of the world with an average of 22.67 billion views annually. The platform was launched with the description of an online encyclopedia and so far it is functioning just about the right way. However, like the traditional encyclopedia, Wikipedia is not limited to a number of resources such as editor, writers, creators, etc. instead, it is a user-generated site where anyone anytime can access information and make desired but valid changes to existing pages or create a new page from the scratch to spread awareness about certain subject/topic.

The site goes through a huge number of changes which is 1.9 edits made per second just because it wants to maintain credibility with accurate information. This worldwide platform has 53.31 million articles registered on it, out of which 52.07 million are pages.

This is just the number of registered articles; the user number is even bigger. Nonetheless, two of the major reasons for Wikipedia being a success is its easy accessibility and no language barrier at all. It enables reach to information in 304 languages. to be exact. Though the total launched languages were 314, but due to some reasons, Wiki had to shut down 10 of them. It is true that anyone can alter and edit information or post what they want to by simply creating a Wikipedia page but what most people are unaware of is the fact that no one can make any changes or do edits without proper citing. One has to follow the community guidelines in order to do changes or create a Wiki page.

How to Create a Wikipedia Page?

Creating a Wikipedia page is not a piece of cake, one has to make sure everything goes perfectly in order to get a page that sails through everything and can generate evident online visibility. A Wikipedia page however is a great way of generating the attention of people towards your skills, business, or anything at all. If you have always wanted to create your own Wikipedia page, then you can opt for wiki page creation services. However, if you want to do your own then here is the ten steps guide for you to follow.

Step 1.    Know Your Aim

Before you start the process of how to create a Wikipedia page, it is important for you to know why do you want to have it. There can be multiple purposes for which you may want to make a Wikipedia page for instance a page for your business, a page for your company, an artist’s page, a biography or autobiography page, a random informative page, a health page, etc. Make sure you are clear with your aim in order to be perfect. Knowing your goal will also open paths for multiple opportunities and will guide you on how to fulfill the requirements of your page niche.

Step 2.    Create a Wikipedia Account

Once you are clear with your goal, it is now time to do some action and create your account. Just like for humans an identity is needed, to a create Wikipedia page, an account is needed. A huge misconception people usually have is that a page and an account are the same things. Where in reality, a page is the last thing you want to achieve and an account is the initial step of the process. The steps to create a Wikipedia page are given below

  1. Go to Wikipedia homepage wikipedia.org
  2. Pick English as Language

  1. Click on the ‘create account’ option at the right of the screen

  1. Fill the details in the appeared account registration form
  2. Confirm your email address by opening your provided email address
  3. Go to the homepage again and log in

Step 3.    Prove Your Existence

This step is one of the crucial steps you will have to follow. Remember in the process of custom Wikipedia page creation, it is necessary to generate a reputation and let the site admins know that you exist. The admins pay strict attention to reputation and positive image. In order to do so, you will have to edit multiple relatable pages. For instance, you are creating a page about a person, you will have to edit pages which are on other renowned personalities to show that you do have the knowledge and you are eligible according to Wikipedia page creation policies. One has to do at least 7 verifiable edits and should at least be fur days old in order to create a good reputation online. The steps to edit a Wikipedia page are as follows

  1. Open an accessible page that you want to edit
  2. Click on the edit option at the right side of the page
  3. You will be on Wikitext box
  4. Write your content there
  5. Cite each source you are using
  6. Click on the preview changes option
  7. Submit the changes by clicking on the ‘Publish changes’ options

Step 4.    Think of a Topic

After the required edits, it is now time for you to select a topic idea. The topic will let you decide how and what you want to write and what factors to incorporate into the content. Generate multiple ideas for it and then select one to work upon. The title is one of the most important things, it will generate an audience to your page and therefore, it is important to have a relevant and easily traceable page title. For instance, you may want to make the title “Wikipedia: how to create a page”. After deciding on a good suitable title, move to the next step.

Step 5.    Look for the Feasibility of Topic

You are clear with your aim, your positive reputation is developed and you have thought of a good topic.  It is now time to check the feasibility of the topic. To do so, you will have to check if the topic appears in the red link or no. There are two key terms to know, red link and blue link.

Red link: A red link is shown on the screen when a title DOES NOT EXIST. This means that you can create your Wikipedia page with the inserted title.

Blue Link: A blue link on the other hand shows that the page already exists and you have to think of another suitable title name.

How to Find Red Links

Method (a): By searching on the homepage
  • Open wikipedia.org
  • Click on English for the language
  • Go to the search bar
  • Write your title and click enter
  • The screen will show you a red or a blue link


Method (b): By the previewing method
  • Go to any accessible site
  • Click on the edit option
  • Write the title in double brackets
  • Click the preview option
  • The screen will show you a red or a blue link

Step 6.    Ask for the Page to be Created

When you see a red link on the screen, right next to it will be the ‘ask for the page to be created’ option. All you have to do is click on the option and get started with the creation process. This is the simplest step of the entire Wikipedia create a page process.

Step 7.    Use Article Wizard or Sandbox

With the approved title, you are now on the page that will show all the instructions and warnings of the Wikipedia community. On the same page, you will see an ‘Article Wizard’ option. You have to click on the option. The next window will ask you to provide the content for the page. You can either write the content directly there or if you want to practice it before submission then go to Sandbox. It will allow you to have an experience first and then post the content. However, here are the essential things to consider while writing the page content.

  • Be Clear: When you are writing a page about anything, make sure you have a clear understanding of it and that you are able to convey the information with the same clarity.
  • Common Language: Use a language that is easy to understand for everyone. Try to avoid using complicated vocabulary or internal terns which may not be clear to everyone.
  • Be Precise: Remember that the user is on your page to extract information instantly. Therefore, it is your responsibility to write content that is easily understandable in the least time possible.
  • Write Unique Content: Try not to copy the content from others. Taking inspiration is one thing but adding your own element in some pages is fine such as your autobiography page or your business page.
  • Do Not Write Controversial Content: The content you are writing should not ignite any controversy on the web. Focus on yourself and your provided information only.
  • Cite Everything Properly: For everything you write in an informative blog, you have to cite the source. The more accurate your citations will be, the better chances of your page getting approved.
  • No Advertisements: It does not matter which type of page you are creating. Wikipedia creates page policies that strictly prohibit using any sort of advertisement. Keep one thing in mind that the page is to aware people and not do promotions.
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Step 8.    Preview Your Content

The content you have written has to be previewed and checked before you post it. Makes sure that all the writing requirements are fulfilled and that there are no errors in the content at all. Do the required changes if needed and move to the next step.

Step 9.    Submit Your Page for Review

You are now at the last step of the process. All you have to do is submit the page for approval. Make sure that your page is notable enough by backing it up with strong required references and past work. Each source you are citing on the page should be authentic. Avoid using bad sources such as user-generated sites, self-published sites, reviews, and personal opinions. If the admins at the Wikipedia page creator monitoring find out that the cited links are not authentic, chances are that the page will get rejected.

Step 10.    Edit the Page with Time

You have successfully made a Wikipedia page however, it is not enough. Since things change, statistics change, and eventually as time passes you will have to update your Wikipedia page. Wikipedia is the name of authentic information and an online encyclopedia, therefore, you have to do edits on your page as time changes. You have to maintain transparency with your audience and give them access to reliable information. The more you give refined information, the more audience will be attracted to your page.

How much time does it take to get a Wikipedia page approved?

The estimated approval time for a Wikipedia page lies between a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months. It takes this much time because verifying each source and checking the authenticity of the page takes time. Also, there thousands of page requests every day, and the admins have to check each one of them.

What are the factors that can get my Wikipedia page rejected?

Wikipedia believes in a strong credibility check. If your page fails to abide by any of the rules, such as it violates someone’s privacy, targets another page, or does vandalism, then it will be rejected right away. Make sure you follow all the guidelines religiously.

Can I create a Wikipedia page for myself?

Yes, if you think you have the qualities that the world should know about then you can create a Wikipedia page for yourself. You will have to follow the above-mentioned instructions to have a page.

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